How to Sell OSRS Gold: Everything You Need to Know About OSRS Gold

So, you’re sitting on millions of OSRS gold pieces, how do you sell them?

What is OSRS gold?

OSRS gold is used to represent the value of every dimension of the OSRS world from in-game services to a tradeable items. In effect, it is the most common form of currency in the game.

10 Ways to Earn Gold

There are multiple ways to accumulate gold in OSRS. This is a good place to start:

  1. Kill chickens and earn about 50k gp per hour.
  2. Craft gold amulets and earn about 100k gp per hour.
  3. Tan dragonhides and earn about 500k gp per hour.
  4. Enchant sapphire rings and earn about 300k gp per hour.
  5. Mine iron ore and make about 100k per hour.
  6. Kill green dragons and make about 450k gp per hour.
  7. Pickpote master farmers and earn about 150k gp per hour.
  8. Telegrab nature runes and earn about 100k gp per hour.
  9. Kill chaos druids and earn about 250k gp per hour.
  10. Smelt steel bars and earn about 450k gp per hour.

Please note that gp forecasts are subject to change as the price of OSRS gold is constantly fluctuating and that these represent just a short list of all the way to earn in-game gold.

Why Does the Price of Gold Fluctuate?

Firstly, price movements start at the Grand Exchange. The Grand Exchange (GE) is the place where players go to buy and trade items from the game. Members get eight slots and non-members get three. Like the real world, the market is is dictated by the basic principle of supply and demand. For example, if no one is buying shrimp the price will go down as people’s inventories build up. Then, if the demand for firewood goes up, so will the price.

Secondly, there is another important factor that drives price changes. The in-game population of the game affects gold prices.

RuneScape in-game population and its effect on selling OSRS gold

The graph above shows the trend of real-world players playing OSRS and RS3 (red line is OSRS). It went exponentially up recently with the stay-at-home measures that have been employed worldwide to fight COVID-19 but, overall, it’s been rising steadily. As the in-game population grows, so does the price of OSRS gold in the real world. As real-world players look to gold shops to stock up, the principal of supply and demand kicks in again as gold shops (and their finite supplies) begin to increase their prices.

Where Do I Sell My Gold?

So, you’re probably thinking “this is interesting and all, but I came here to find out ‘how to sell OSRS gold?’.” Let’s get to it. There are many gold shops (or rather would-be gold shops) out there. How do you cut through the noise and find a place you can trust? Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. If the price per mil (the most common pricing model for buying and selling OSRS gold) is too cheap, there’s something wrong. Most gold shops don’t just raise prices out of greed (although some do! Stay away), they raise them as a result of the market factors mentioned above. All shops are bound by these same factors, so if someone is undercutting them, beware.
  2. If there’s no third-party reviews available on a site like trustpilot, then beware. Go with a brand and site you can trust, they’re out there.
  3. Make sure to open a livechat with the site’s agents to ask them questions about the service and ask for quotes. Are they communicating clearly? Do they seem “real”?
  4. Check how many years they’ve been operating for. Although some upstarts sometimes come on the scene and disrupt the industry, most of the time, it’s better to go with sites that have been time-tested (the best social proof).
  5. Beware of sites asking you to message in-game! This is one of the biggest signs of a fraudulent site trying to take you for a ride and get you banned.
  6. Stay away from sites that employ botting (also known as macros) to earn gold. The use of bots is a cardinal sin in the eyes of Jagex (and players alike) and will, without fail, get you banned.

From our experience, people trust the name r2pleasent.com when it comes to buying and selling OSRS gold. It’s the longest running RS gold site out there, has hundreds of third-party reviews, competitive pricing and a quick and friendly english-speaking customer service team.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, learning how to sell OSRS gold can seem overwhelming. Hopefully, this article has given you the tools to create a steady source of income for yourself by giving you ways to earn in game gp continually and places to sell it.

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