Valorant: Discover the Game That Is Taking the Gaming World by Storm

Valorant hasn’t even fully launched but it’s already breaking viewership records and has everyone talking about it. More than 1.7 million viewers tuned in to Twitch to watch early-access players play Valorant on its first day. Since then, the number of beta-access viewers has grown non-stop and everyone is racing to get a hold of a beta-access key. If there is one, the ceiling for this game seems incredibly high.

So…What is Valorant?

From the creators of League of Legends, Valorant is a new free-to-play tactical shooting game set in a dystopian near-future version of our world where governments have been reshaped and supernatural beings exist. The gameplay is roughly inspired by that of CSGO, Rainbow and Overwatch.

Safe to say, this fast paced 5v5 game has already got us hooked.

What Are the Characters Like?

Valorant features 5 readily playable supernatural characters (aka agents) with another 5 more to unlock. They all have special abilities. One is an “ultimate ability” (takes several rounds to charge and requires completing objectives or getting kills) and the other is a “signature ability” (can be used each round). You can also buy up to two more abilities at the start of every round (i.e similar to grenades in CSGO).

Here are the available agents so far:

  1. Breach: Great at playing through walls.
  2. Brimstone: Versatile tactical commando.
  3. Cypher: Tech-oriented spy.
  4. Jett: The most mobile character (use a knife).
  5. Omen: Sneaky teleportation oriented agent.
  6. Phoenix: Pyromancer.
  7. Raze: The bomb expert.
  8. Sage: The only healer in the game.
  9. Sova: Archery master.
  10. Viper: The poison expert.

You can expect a lot more agents down the line but the release dates for these are still up in the air.

What Are the Guns Like?

As for guns, you need to purchase them at the beginning of each round. In the shop, you’ll have a a long list of shotguns, sidearms, machine guns, submachine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles. While there’s currently no character skins available, there are guns skins that alter the way guns look. As with the guns themselves, the skins will be purchased right from the pre-game store, not from loot boxes.

Every single gun has a vastly different recoil pattern, which can make them quite hard to maneuver at first. So, we recommend that you put in the work at the in-game firing range before jumping in to an actual game. We really can’t stress this enough, this game is not easy to master. Mastery will come in handy in-game as many guns can achieve one-shot kill headshots.

What Are the Maps Like?

Currently, in addition to the firing range used for practice, there are 3 playable maps. These maps are:

  1. Haven: Unique it the way that it offers three site maps instead of the standard FPS game standard of 2 sites.
  2. Bind: Standard 2 site map where each team enters by via their respective beach coasts.
  3. Split: Standard 2 site map with sites on either side of the middle ground which can be used to achieve dominance from the high ground.

As with the guns and agents, you can expect many more maps down the line. That being said, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, no definitive timeline has been provided for the roll out yet.

How Do You Win in Valorant?

While killing the opposing players is part of the game, the main objective is to defuse bombs (aka Spikes). In the main playing mode, there are 10 players total.

Half the players are assigned to defend and the other half are assigned to attack by setting the Spike. When a bomb detonates, the attacking team gets a point. When a bomb gets defused or the time runs out, the defending team gets a point. Other ways to get points is by eliminating every member of the opposing team.

A full match last 24 rounds. Each team plays 12 rounds of attacking and 12 rounds of defending. To win the game, your team has to win the best of 24 rounds. If you like to geek out over numbers, the end of game report provides extensive stats with highlights of your best rounds. We suggest you leverage those stats to improve your skills over time.

Valorant is a highly competitive game and much like League of Legends, it offers both Ranked and unranked (Casual) modes.

How To Get Valorant Beta Access

Valorant Beta Access

The game is still in a closed beta. It is set to launch sometime in the summer of 2020.

To get access to the closed beta, you need to get a Riot account, link both your Twitch and Riot accounts, and watch Valorant streams. Once you’ve done these steps, you’ll get a shot at receiving one of those coveted beta keys. That being said, this process comes with no guarantees. It’s possible that you go through all the steps only to find yourself playing with your thumbs instead of playing Valorant.

Rest assured, there’s an alternative. If you can’t wait any longer than you already have, you can check out websites like GrindSwap for Valorant beta access accounts that are ready to go right now (at a price). You can decide to either rent or buy an account. It’s important to note that these accounts are not risk-free, but at least you’ll get to play the game that everyone is talking about.

Don’t Wait

This game is already wildly popular and you don’t want to be left behind or worse feel like a noob when you finally do play. So whether you go through the application process or purchase an account, do it now! By the time Valorant is open to the general public, it’ll be too late to catch-up.

However, all hope is not lost if you do end up falling behind the curve. Sites like GG Boost are already ramping up to provide Valorant Boosting Services as soon as the game is opened up to the general public. There may still be hope for you yet!

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