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How to Make Money From LOL Boosting: Elpro Interview

How long have you been playing League of Legends?

10 Years

When did you first start earning money from boosting?


Do you have other sources of income?

I make all my money from boosting.

Do you have any advice for aspiring boosters or new-comer boosters?
  • Learn about the macro.
  • Practice until you reach at least D3+
Are there any specific champions or roles which allow higher success as a booster?

Jungle Lane. It’s the best Duo Quest with customers.

 How many hours a week do you work boosting?

About 10-11hrs/day 7 days a week. Then every 2 weeks, I take 4-5 days off.

Does boosting pay for your living expenses?

It pays for all my expenses. On top of that, I try to save around $400 (USD) per month.

What is the highest rank you have achieved?

Challenger Lan D1 NA

What’s your favorite part about being a booster?

Working from home.

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